Lockout Padlocks: Protecting Machinery Operators

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What is Lockout?

Lockout (also known as Tagout) is a safety procedure used in factories and industrial production facilities to make sure that potentially dangerous machinery is shut off before maintenance or servicing is completed. The Lockout security measure prevents any workers from accidently re-starting machinery before it is deemed safe. This is especially essential in busy factories where different workers come in for different shift patterns and vital communication can be easily missed.

Safety lockout procedures require machinery and power sources to be ‘locked’ with a lock out padlock, indicating that the device should not be turned on. This helps to prevent any potentially dangerous accidents and offers protection to factory workers or machinery operators.

lockout padlock

What are lockout padlocks?

Lockout locks are designed specially for the lockout security procedure. Safety lock out padlocks have a key retaining feature that prevents the key from being removed until the lock is fully closed, helping to avoid a scenario where the lock is accidentally left open.

To be easily recognisable as safety lockout locks, these often have warning labels (tagout labels) with wording such as ‘Danger, Locked Out, Do Not Remove’, which helps act as a further measure to prevent removal or accidental use. The labels are made out of a strong pressure-sensitive vinyl and the shackle is made from a solid aluminium.

Safety lockout padlocks are completely insulated against electric shock and are non-magnetic as well as non-sparking. This way, these can be safely used with temperamental environments and factory machinery.

red lockout padlock

Why are lockout padlocks available in so many different colours?

Safety lockout locks are available in a variety of colours so that factories can use a colour coding system, using different colours for different hazards, severity or maintenance task. Generally, red lockout padlocks are used to indicate the highest-risk operations, as workers clearly identify red as a colour of danger.

lock out locks

Where can my business place lockout padlocks bulk orders?

Locks Direct offer bulk orders of lockout locks, as well as single padlock sales. The safety lockout padlocks sold by Locks Direct are the Abus 74/40 range, which are fully insulated key retaining padlocks that feature a solid aluminium core and are suitable for different types of lock off requirements.

The Abus safety lockout padlocks are available in a range of 9 colours, including brown, yellow, purple, orange, black, blue, green, white and red lockout padlocks.

These high-quality lockout locks can be purchased here.

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