Best Padlock for Gym Lockers

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A gym locker padlock needs to be portable, reliable and sturdy to withstand constant use. We’ve based our recommendations on this to help you find a gym locker padlock that ticks all the boxes.  


Locker combination padlocks 

For the gym setting we recommend a combination padlock, simply as this saves the need to carry around keys. All combination padlocks at locks direct are re-codable, meaning you can choose your own rememberable digits to ensure you always have easy access to your belongings.  


The combination padlocks we recommend for lockers: 


  1. The Abus 155-30 combination padlock (£10.61) is a 30mm combination padlock that works well for gym lockers as it’s portable yet reliable. It’s affordable and provides peace of mind that your property is protected. 

  1. If you require further security for a locker we recommend the Abus 155-40 combination padlock. Priced slightly higher than the 155-30 at £14.60, the 4 combination wheel adds an extra level of security and durability to the model.  

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Keyed padlocks for gym lockers 


If you prefer the idea of having a key there’s still some great options to ensure your property is protected. Whilst at the gym small padlock keys can easily be secured either in a pocket or on a bracelet.  


Keyed padlocks we recommend: 

1)     The Abus 64TI20 Titalium Padlock is £4.78 making it the most affordable padlock out of our recommendations. It’s made from Titalium which provides a high security solution with a significant reduction in weight compared to similar size padlocks, making it great for on the go.  

2)     The Abus 65-30 Brass Padlock is another great keyed option. Abus brass padlocks use NANO PROTECT plating which provides excellent corrosion resistance. 


Need a different size or want to browse? We have an entire section dedicated to locker padlocks!  


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