Contactless Theft: A Modern-Day Crime

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As the world moves forward in a modern, contactless direction, thieves are becoming more tech-savvy. According to Cash Float, 467,000 cases of contactless card fraud were reported in 2019!

In this article, we will discuss two of the most common wireless theft techniques and explain how these can be avoided by using signal blockers.

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Digital Pickpocketing

One of the newest theft tactics is called digital pickpocketing where thieves hold a contactless card reader against the pockets of unsuspecting targets. This then deducts money from the contactless card inside the victims pocket. Digital pickpocketing is most likely to occur in busy spaces or transport, where the crime is likely to go unnoticed.

This can be avoided by using a contactless card protector, which is a signal jamming case, designed to block contactless signals from your card. A signal blocking bag can be easily kept in your pocket or bag, meaning you can commute without the added stress of potential card theft.

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Keyless Car Theft

Imagine the panic when looking out at your drive and realising that your loved vehicle has been stolen!

Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasingly common reality as thieves are using signal transmitting devices to capture signals from keyless entry cars. This tricks the car into thinking that the key is near it and so allows the doors to be opened and the ignition to start.

 A great way to avoid keyless car theft is to use a wireless car key protector, which is a signal blocking key fob protector case that prevents thieves from picking up the signal from your wireless car keys. Meaning you can sleep worry-free knowing that your car remains safe and sound on your driveway!

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How can a Signal Blocker protect me from Contactless Theft?

Modern theft tactics call for modern solutions!

Signal blockers work to effectively form a protective barrier, stopping signals from being transmitted from a device. Signal blocking bags works to block signals from your contactless cards, keyless car keys, key fobs and more. By keeping your belongings in a RFID blocking pouch, thieves are unable to pick up their signals and as a result, will be unable to fraud or steal from you using signal transmitting technology!

Locks Direct sell secure signal blockers, ideal for keeping your belongings secure. Our top contactless protection device is the Defender signal blocker, blocking signals from Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, LTE, RFID and NFC.

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