Preventing Gym Locker Theft: Don't Sweat It

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The last thing that anyone wants to panic about whilst they hit the gym is the thought that their belongings may be stolen from their locker!

For those who drove in a valuable car, came in a new designer coat or perhaps brought their work laptop with them, the fear of someone breaking into your locker can constantly play in the back of your mind. 

And, it’s no surprise why! City of London recently reported a number of thefts from gym lockers, including wallets and phones. Manchester Evening News also broke the story of an unfortunate gym goer who had his Volkswagen Tiguan stolen on Christmas Eve after his car keys were pinched from his locker while he was working out 

Do not fall victim to locker theft! Locks Direct are here to advise you on how you can prevent this from happening in 5 simple steps… 

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1. Place an alarm in the locker 

This works as a good tactic for scaring locker thieves away. The alarm sounding will alert people nearby to the locker break in, which should deter the thief. If you can purchase an alarm that vibrates on your person when it is triggered, then that is even safer. You will immediately become aware and can either call security, the police or see the situation for yourself. Remember to keep yourself protected though. 

2. Place important items somewhere unexpected or hidden 

If you have a bag or item with a secret pocket, then this can be great for keeping your phone or wallet in. Perhaps keep your cash somewhere that the thief would not think to look, such as a pack of cards or a sock? Just make sure that you aren’t flashing your fancy belongings on the way in. 

3. Wear clothing with a zip-able pocket 

If you have a pocket in your leggings, jumper or shorts for your phone/cards, then this is ideal. One way to ensure your item aren’t stolen from your locker is to keep them on your person! 

4. Add cards to your mobile wallet 

This is for people who keep their phones on their person instead of leaving them in their locker. It seems simple, but even just adding cards to your mobile phone wallet to avoid bringing your wallet with you gives you one less thing to worry about! Then if you need to use your card, you can still use contactless. Another good tip is to put your house key or card into the back of your phone case. You can’t fit much in there, but it's handy for safe storage.  

5. Possibly the most obvious, buy a secure locker padlock! 

At Locks Direct, we provide a variety of secure locker padlocks, whether that be a combination locker lock, key locker lock, or an extra secure laminated padlock. Our locker locks are mostly weatherproof (not that it should matter unless your gym floods), highly reliable and strong. We stock a range of trusted lock brands including Squire and Abus

Browse our full range of locker padlocks here.

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