Shed Security Tips For Summer 2020

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A garden shed is a common target for thieves and can generally be much easier to break into. Your shed is the place where you keep garden equipment and other potentially valuable belongings such as bikes. And as Summer is fast approaching, it is more important than ever to make sure you are using a quality padlock to secure your shed. That is why we?€?ve put together our padlock recommendations along with general security tips for your shed that you may not have considered.

Secure your shed 

We would strongly advise securing your shed with a quality hasp and staple as this is the perfect solution to secure belongings of greater value. The Abus Hasp and Staple is the perfect choice, and each of our hasp and staples are complete with all of the screws and fixings required so you don?€?t have to worry about the hassle of finding these yourself. This hasp and staple works perfectly with the Abus Diskus padlock range and we also offer this as a complete set, The Abus Hasp Padlock Set which includes the hasp and staple along with the diskus padlock. 

Shed Lock

Put tools away at night 

According to Simply Business, a staggering £856,053 worth of tools were stolen in the year ending March 2019, and that was just in Yorkshire alone! Tool theft is on the rise and only getting worse. Do not be a victim of this growing crime! Protect your assets and livelihood by locking up your tools. 

How can I keep thieves away? I hear you say. Here?€?s how?€? 

Whether you keep your building tools on a site or at your home address in a shed, Locks Direct offer a wide variety of safe and secure padlocks for tools. Our top door locks, shed padlocks, container padlocks and locker padlocks are suitable for keeping your tools protected. We also stock high-security padlocks, which are resistant to cutting, drilling, and twisting. Not only this, but our secure padlocks are weather resistant and rust resistant. Our full-security locks can be used for vans, garages, trailers, warehouses and more. 

Lock larger items together 

Locking larger items together makes it more difficult for a thief to make off with your belongings! Say for example that you keep 4 bikes in the shed, lock these together with one of our strong combination locks or key padlocks so that it is much harder or even impossible for a thief to get the bikes out of the shed at once. 

However, if the bikes were separate, a thief could easily steal one of them at a time. To be extra secure, lock the shed door with one of our durable padlocks. Our weatherproof locks are high-security and durable, making it harder for an intruder to gain access. 

Mark your belongings 

  1. The police recommend that you mark personal belongings so that they can be easily identified in the instance that they are stolen. There are several ways that you can mark your personal belongings.  
  2. Mark the item with a marker pen, stating your house name and number 
  3. Use UV security marker pens to leave your details on a belonging that you do not want to draw on with visible marker, i.e. an expensive bike 
  4. Marking liquids such as SmartWater and EnigmaTag are a high-tech way to link your belongings to your address

Keep tools in the shed

We do not recommend keeping your tools locked in a work vehicle, i.e. a van. Even worse, do not leave your belongings in open spaces easy to take, for example, leaving your bike outside the door. By keeping these in the house, or in open view, you run the risk of intruders coming into your property. To be safe, we recommend locking your tools and belongings away from the house, ideally in a shed or garden storage unit. 

However, simply locking away your tools in the shed is not the answer. According to research, in a single year there are over 22,500 instances of shed burglary reported to police! So, you need to rely on strong lock security to keep your belongings protected. Locks Direct shed padlocks are the ideal solution to avoiding theft. 

Our strong shed locks come in a variety of ranges, including robust combination padlocks, heavy-duty padlocks, solid titalium padlocks, secure laminated padlocks, stronglock padlocks and reliable discus padlocks. Not only this, but our weatherproof locks are suitable for all weather conditions. 

Shed key location

Not only do you need to choose the safest place to keep your tools and belongings, but you also need to consider the safest place to keep your shed keys! 

Keep your shed secure not only using our strong, durable locks, but by keeping the lock key some where safe. Contrary to popular belief, one of the worst places to keep your shed keys is on a key rack or in a key cupboard. If an intruder gained access to your home, they would know exactly where to find the keys. 

Also, avoid having the keys anywhere where they can be seen through a window. To be extra safe, keep the keys in a hidden box or draw somewhere inside the home. Or, you can keep your key locked in a combination key safe in or outside of the home! This is our most recommended, safest option. 

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