Everything you need to know about shipping container padlocks?

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A question we are always getting asked is "what type of padlock is most suitable for a standard shipping container?" We stock a range of the best-selling shipping container padlocks from leading brands Squire and ABUS. We know that it can be overwhelming to choose the most suitable padlock, so we have created this article to go through everything you need to know.

Shutter Style Container Padlocks

We specialise in offering shutter style container padlocks. They have a straight shackle which makes it easy to align the padlock to your shutter. If you have a new shipping container you will have a hasp fitted on the front of the box similar to the image below.

blue shipping container

Sometimes the depth of the hasp internally can vary depending on if you have purchased your shipping container from either North or South of the country.  This can make choosing the correct shipping container padlock a little more difficult.  To make sure you select the correct container padlock it is always advisable to measure the depth of the hasp, ensuring you have enough room for the padlock. All of our container padlocks have a size guide so you can easily check the measurements.

The shackle thickness is not so important because the eye within the hasp is relatively standard.  Our shipping container padlocks range from a 10mm shackle thickness up to a 12mm shackle thickness - any of these will always fit a container.

We would always recommend going for a shutter padlock / slide bolt type padlock as they are designed to work specifically within a container hasp.  You always have the key way and bolt release at the same end - you will struggle to use a traditional U shaped padlock as they are too awkward to fit within the hasp and secure it safely. All padlocks within the Locks Direct container padlock section are fully weatherproof so they can all be used outside without any hassle.

Insurance Graded Container Padlocks

You might also consider if you need an insurance graded container padlock - sometimes your insurance company may specify you have to have a CEN graded insurance approved container padlock to comply. To check for this on our website look out for the logo on every page. To learn more about CEN grade padlocks read our recent post.

We sell a wide range of container padlocks, but the two most popular models are the Squire WS75 and the ABUS 92/65.

The Squire WS75 is insurance graded and our best-selling shipping container padlock. It has tamper proof technology making it incredibly secure and reliable against attack and corrosion. To operate this padlock there is a re-keyable 6 pin tumbler lock mechanism which has 530,000 key variations. This padlock will fit any type of shipping container hasp because it is only 25mm deep.
squire container padlock       
The Abus 92/65 Padlock is our favourite entry level shipping container padlock - it does exactly what it should do and the build quality is excellent. It has a hardened steel brass sliding shackle with hardened steel alloy shackle making it incredibly durable.
abus container padlock       
If you have any questions or would like a bit more advice on what type of padlock you should be using please feel free to call us on 0800 5421264.
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