The Best Padlocks to Secure Your Locker

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The risk of theft in gyms, schools, universities and workplaces is high. So, it is important that you follow the correct safety measures including investing in a high-quality locker padlock. This means you can go about your normal day without the worry of your belongings being potentially stolen.

Whether you’re preparing for back to school and need a padlock to secure your children’s school locker or heading back to the gym and require a reliable gym locker padlock. Our padlock experts have handpicked their recommendations to take out the guess work when it comes to finding the right locker padlock for you.

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Gym Locker Padlocks

For securing your gym locker, we recommend a portable, reliable and sturdy padlock which can withstand constant use. A combination padlock ticks all these boxes whilst providing a convenient solution as this type of padlocks saves the need to carry around keys. All our combination padlocks are re-codable which means you can choose your own digits to ensure you have easy access to your belongings.

The Best Padlocks for Gym Lockers

The Abus 155-30 Combination Padlock, priced at £10.61 is a 30mm combination padlock. The simple to use 3-wheel combination make it a reliable and convenient locker padlock for on the go protection.

For a locker padlock with extra security and at a slightly higher price point (£14.60), we recommend the Abus 155-40 Combination Padlock with a 4-wheel combination which adds an extra level of security to the model.

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Padlocks for School Lockers

With back to school fast approaching, we know there’s lots of things to organise to ensure your child has a smooth transition returning to school. One thing to think about is locker security to prevent any belongings being stolen from their lockers. That’s why we’ve put together our top recommendations for school locker padlocks to make purchasing a padlock completely stress-free.

Our top 2 padlock recommendations for school lockers come from leading brands ABUS and Squire, both of which manufacture high-quality and reliable padlocks.

Our School Locker Padlock Recommendations

The Abus 155/20 Combination Padlock (£9.28) is perfect for on the go protection making it the perfect solution for securing a school locker. It provides unlockable and relockable protection with the simple to use 3-wheel combination, meaning you won’t have the worry of your child potentially losing any fiddly keys.

The Squire Defender Combi 30 Combination Padlock is our most popular padlock for school lockers, thanks to its fantastic value for money. Priced at £6.30, this combination padlock is a great solution for school lockers with a simple to use 3-wheel combination making it easy for your child to access their belongings.

Plus, we've got an exclusive offer running for 1 week where you can grab 15% off your locker padlock. Simply use code 'SCHOOLSBACK15' to redeem this great offer!

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Padlocks for Lockers in the Workplace

As lockers receive such high-volume traffic, it is important to invest in a reliable and sturdy padlock to secure your locker. This applies to all environments including schools and universities, gyms and in the workplace. This is important for a locker in the workplace as you’ll be storing away valuable belongings such as your phone, wallet or headphones. For securing your workplace locker, we’ve put together the best padlocks for lockers, exclusively handpicked from the experts at Locks Direct.

All the above recommendations we’ve listed are suitable to secure your workplace padlock, but we’ve added in a few extras all at varying price points.

If you would prefer to use a keyed padlock, there’s some great options to ensure your belongings are protected. Your key can easily be secured either in a pocket or on a bracelet whilst you go about your working day.

What we Recommend

The Abus 65-30 Brass Padlock (£7.88) is a great keyed option. All Abus brass padlocks use NANO protect plating which provides you with brilliant corrosion resistance in your locker padlock. Another great keyed padlock is the Abus 64TI30 Titalium Padlock, priced at £7.88, this padlock is made from titalium which means it’s 30% lighter than the standard padlock without compromise on security. Plus, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its NANO protect coating. This means you can re-use it time and time again for various situations.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help! Alternatively, you can browse the full range of locker padlocks here.

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