The Best Luggage Padlocks For Your Next Holiday

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Finding a suitable padlock for luggage can be critical to the safety of your belongings whilst travelling. Many insurance providers now ask that any padlocks used on luggage are TSA approved and of a high standard to ensure maximum protection and less chance of theft of your belongings. In this post we are going to highlight the key padlocks we recommend to secure your suitcases, backpacks and other travel cases.

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What is a TSA approved padlock?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. On occasion when travelling (especially when travelling to the US), a TSA agent may need to open your luggage. To make this possible, you can buy TSA approved padlocks. All of these padlocks are designed to be used with a universal master key, only available to TSA, allowing them to access your luggage if need be. Other than this the padlocks cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Without a TSA approved padlock, if your suitcase did need to be checked you run the risk of your padlock being cut open and unusable in the future.

The Best Luggage Padlocks We Recommend

Squire TSA35 Combination Padlock

The Squire TSA35 is the perfect affordable padlock option to secure your travel bags. TSA approved, it follows all guidelines allowing luggage to be accessed and checked safely if necessary. The 3-wheel combination removes the need for any keys and the potential to lose them, making it easier to travel with peace of mind.

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Squire TSA20T Luggage Padlocks

The Squire TSA20T is another TSA approved padlock meaning it is suitable for all travel abroad, especially if you are visiting the USA. As security measures have increasingly heightened, it is important that you take the correct security procedures when travelling. With this in mind, we always recommend a TSA padlock when travelling to the USA. The Squire TSA20T Luggage Padlocks come in a handy twin pack so you?€?ve got two padlocks to secure your luggage ?€" including suitcases, backpacks and camping gear. By purchasing a TSA lock, you can ensure peace of mind when taking your next holiday. Visit theTSA website for more information and tips on travelling to the United States.

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More Padlocks For Luggage

If you are travelling to somewhere other than the USA and are looking for luggage security, we would recommend going for combination luggage padlocks. This is the best choice over a lock and key design as this means you are ruling out the hassle of fiddly keys and the risk of losing them. We have an extensive range of luggage padlocks from leading brands Abus and Squire in a choice of sizes and materials. For an affordable option, we have the Squire CLL20 Combination Padlock which allows you to set your own code and comes with a 10 year guarantee so you can have peace of mind that you are purchasing a high quality product. For a luggage padlock at a slightly higher price, we have the Abus 155/40 Combination Padlock which has a 4-combination wheel and a tough lock zinc body.

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If you are still unsure which luggage padlock to go for, please feel free to give us a call on 01778 570157 and we?€?ll be happy to help. In the meantime, you can shop all luggage padlock here.


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