The Best Weatherproof Padlocks for 2020

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If you have valuables to protect outside, then weatherproof padlocks are a necessity, also known as marine grade padlocks. From bikes, to containers, sheds and outdoor furniture, a weatherproof padlock is a reliable way to avoid theft. It is also important to choose a waterproof padlock for outdoor use to prevent rusting. In this article, we will be talking through our range of waterproof locks which are suitable for domestic and commercial use. 

When looking for the best weatherproof padlock for you, we know that the price, measurements and durability are all key things that need to be considered. Our security experts have reviewed our range of bestselling weatherproof locks to identify our top picks!

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ABUS Weatherproof Padlocks

At Locks Direct, we offer a fantastic range of Abus weatherproof padlocks ranging from low – premium priced options. These weatherproof locks offer varying levels of security, from small outside storage boxes to large shipping containers. We have heavy duty weatherproof combination locks for commercial use or cheaper but reliable weatherproof locks for domestic use in your garden.


70IB/50 Abus Weatherproof Padlock

The ABUS 70IB is a 50mm weatherproof padlock providing fantastic protection to high risk areas including vehicles, gates, large sheds and boats. Both the inside and outside of this padlock are made up of 100% non-corrosive materials, meaning it is built to last regardless of the weather conditions. The 70IB/50 weatherproof lock can also be keyed-alike, perfect if you need to secure more than one area. At less than £20 including VAT, we highly recommend this model.

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83WPCS/53 Abus Weatherproof Padlock

The ABUS 83WPCS is a 53mm, closed shackle waterproof padlock. It is one of the best weatherproof padlocks available from ABUS as it has a security rating of 8. This highly secure padlock has an integrated shackle guard, making attacks with bolt cutters difficult. We recommend using this weather resistant lock to secure areas at high risk including warehouses and industrial gates. It can endure the most volatile outside conditions due to the Nano Protect shackle developed by ABUS. As this is a closed shackle padlock, it provides further protection still by only exposing a small amount of the shackle, often a requirement detailed by insurance companies as it’s a further protection measure.

Squire Weatherproof Padlocks

We have three Squire weather resistant padlocks, offering varying levels of security. As mentioned throughout this post, it is important to measure the area you would like to secure when choosing a waterproof padlock, so that it fits correctly and provides the best protection. You should also assess theft risk level and make your purchasing decision in line with risk. I.e a heavy duty waterproof combination lock for highly valuable items and something with a lower CEN grade rating for valuables with less risk of being targeted.

Squire ATL4 Weatherproof Padlock

The Squire ATL4 is an ideal entry level weatherproof padlock. This water resistant lock has a 50mm brass lock body and weather resistant, dust proof cover for protection against elements. It has a 5 pin tumbler and resists attacks from sawing, working well for outdoor areas such as a shed or allotment.


squire weatherproof padlock

Squire CP50S Heavy Duty Weatherproof Combination Padlock

Available in both 50mm and 40mm, the Squire CP50S is an ideal waterproof padlock to secure outdoor areas at low-medium risk. It is completely weather resistant and easy to use with over 10,000 possible combinations. The reliability of this lock makes it one of the best weatherproof padlocks available. It has undergone severe testing in all conditions to ensure it stands the test of time in all weather, including well over 150 hours of salt spray where the padlock still lasted and performed as it should.

We hope you found our weather resistant padlocks recommendations useful. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on 0800 542 1264 (free phone), and someone from our expert team will help you find the perfect padlock.

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