What is CEN Grade on Padlocks?

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The CEN grade of a padlock stands for Central European Norm - it is a testing standard for padlocks that usually fall into the high security padlock category. This is not simply a rating individual manufacturers give their own padlocks, it is an independent testing body. For the padlock to achieve a certain CEN grade it must pass through several intensive tests. 

There are 6 levels in the CEN grade:

CEN Grade 6 - Maximum Security
CEN Grade 5 - Extra Security
CEN Grade 4 - High Security
CEN Grade 3 - Medium Security
CEN Grade 2 - Standard Entry Level Security
CEN Grade 1 - Low Security 

CEN Grade Chart

The CEN grade is useful when it comes to choosing the correct padlock across different manufacturers.  The higher the CEN grade, the higher the amount of security is provided by a padlock. For high security purposes we recommend choosing a padlock with a CEN rating of 3 or above to ensure maximum protection. It is also worth considering that the better the CEN grade the more expensive the padlock is likely to be.  

You will find our selection of CEN grade padlocks within the High Security Padlocks section. The grade is clearly displayed within each individual padlock. Not sure which high security CEN rated padlock is best for you? Contact one of our experts! 

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