Lock Lubricant: Why Lock Lube Is An Essential

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What is lock lubricant? 

Padlock lubricant can be used on padlocks, keyholes, locking fixtures, door handle components and other small components. As with any lubricant, lock lube is used to loosen things up and help maintain component quality. Lock lubricant can be bought as a lock lubricant spray (which we recommend) or as a pour-out liquid. 

We always believe in prevention before a cure, which is why we recommend not only using lock lubricant once a problem occurs, but also before a problem occurs. A good strong padlock that suits your needs can be hard to find (although not at Locks Direct), which is why it is important to take care of it. If you have fixtures or padlocks that are used outside, then padlock lubricant is an absolute essential for protecting it against harsh weather conditions. 

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What are the benefits of lock lubricant? 

If you are purchasing a reliable, expensive padlock, then the last thing that you want is to have to repeat the purchase due to failing components or corrosion. Looking after your padlock with lock lubricant is the best way to ensure that you keep the lock protected and as good as new, increasing its longevity. 

There are many benefits of lock lubricant, including: 

  • Corrosion protection against salts, water and humidity- This is why it is essential to use lock lube for locks and padlocks that are kept outdoors or in harsh weather conditions. 
  • Prevents locks from freezing in the winter- For this reason, lock lube is ideal for car door locks, shed locks and other locks that are worst hit by overnight freezing. 
  • Cleans small moving components- Lock lubricant spray is designed to reach those spots that you just can’t get to on your own. This helps to clear the components of dust or any dirt that has built up. 
  • Helps to loosen up any stiff components- Often over time, padlocks can become hardened and the mechanisms become clogged. Using padlock lubricant helps to loosen things up and get your padlock or keyhole fixture working as normal again. 

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Our best lock lubricant 

We recommend Abus PS88 Lock Lubricant as an effective and essential product for loosening stiff padlocks. This lock lubricant spray helps to ensure longevity in your padlocks, by protecting the lock, cleaning, driving out humidity, preventing corrosion and loosening sticky mechanisms.  

Padlock lubricant also helps to protect the lock against corrosion caused by water and humidity and preventing locks freezing in winter. For anyone reliant on padlocks and locks, lock lubricant is a great investment to protect and clean them. Not just good as a key lock lubricant, this lock lube can also help to stop squeaking and creaking of doors and can also prevent icing up of car door locks. 

The lock lubricant spray is produced by Abus, who are a well-trusted, reputable leader in the padlock marketplace. Their products are known for high-quality and reliability, which is why they are such a popular brand. At Locks Direct, we choose to supply only top brands for our customers, which is why we are sure that you will be satisfied with the Abus best lock lubricant. 

Buy the Abus PS88 Lock Lubricant from Locks Direct, by clicking here!  

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